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[27 Jan 2016|08:52pm]
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[10 Jan 2016|12:04pm]
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[28 Aug 2015|03:24pm]
School is almost here and I find myself excited to see Hogwart's hallowed halls once more. I wish to remind those in the Slytherin house, and honestly every house that the older students must be careful and be shining examples for our younger students. Should anyone need anything remember that my door is always open to those seeking it.

[22 Jul 2015|03:55pm]
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Text to Eric [10 Apr 2015|10:31am]
- I happen to be free Saturday, are you still interested in dinner together and dancing?

[31 Jan 2015|09:39pm]
Alright boys and girls, it's another semester which means that those of you who are interested, it's another time to try to pledge to our lovely greek houses. Next week we will have a few open houses for you to explore and the week after, we will be giving out our tasks. So be ready boys and girls, we're going to need a new group of kids to join before the greek games later this year.

[07 Dec 2014|11:20pm]
It seems that the holidays are upon us already, and that means that it's time to set up when all the fraternities and sororities are going to go caroling together. It's tradition and something that I look forward to every year. I was thinking next friday as a nice break from studying and a chance to bond with our brothers and sisters.

[14 Nov 2014|05:55pm]
Thanksgiving is drawing close once more and the Sigma house would like to open its doors again to those who wont be going home for the holidays. We'll be offering turkey, tv, and a chance to feel like you're at least at someone's home for the holidays. We only ask that those who come bring something small like soda, chips, dip, or even a dessert they bought at the market.

Also just give me at least a vague heads up here if you can.

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